Need help deciding if you need Stock or Custom tins? Check out our comparison chart and FAQs to help you make an informed decision.

Stock vs Custom
Stock Tin FAQ
Custom Tin FAQ
Stock Tins
Custom Tins
Feature Stock Custom
Available Immediately
Order Online
Low Minimums
Limited Colors
Window Covers
Orders of 2500 or more
Spot Colors, Full Color Printing
Client Specified Size, Shape
Foam, Plastic, or Flocked Inserts
Gaskets, Handles, Clasps
10-12 Week Lead Time
Textured Metal

Stock Tin FAQs

TinWerks is known for our custom tin work, we also have a very popular stock tin program that is always expanding. Read the below FAQ's to learn more.

How much are your stock tins?

Take a look at our Stock Tin Store for that detailed information.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes, for orders above 5,000 pieces please make sure you contact us.

What are your stock tin minimums?

1 case pack of any tin is the minimum purchase.

How many tins are in a case pack?

Our case packs come as small as 36 tins, but the majority are packed 500 per case. Visit the stock tin store for more information.

Can I buy stock covers and bodies separate?

No you cannot buy them separate, we only sell our tins as complete units to assure quality cover fits. We do however, pack many of these tins with covers and bodies in separate cartons for easier filling.

Where do you ship your stock tins from?

TinWerks stock tin inventory is in Santa Fe Springs, CA. 

Can I reserve tins for future ongoing use?

Yes! We advise all our clients that have ongoing stock tin needs to place blanket orders. This allows us to plan your inventory and hold tins for you to take over time.  Contact us directly to work up blanket order pricing.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER & AMERICAN EXPRESS.  In addition, we do accept PayPal.

Do you ship stock tins outside the United States?

Yes. We can ship tins anywhere in the World, and currently have many clients in Canada, Europe, Mexico, Central America, and South America.

Can I get samples of your stock tins?

Yes, please contact us to request samples and we will be happy to provide you with samples.

Can I buy less than a case pack?

No, the minimum order is one case pack of any size due to how they are packed. We can however send you samples.

Can you print my logo on stock tins, or can I buy them in a color?

If you need a printed tin or a tin in a color, it would be a custom run. Please contact us or refer to our custom tin section for further information.

Do you offer other stock tins other that what is listed here?

All of our stock tins are listed on our price list and in the stock tin section of the website. We are constantly adding to our program, so if you have suggestions or requests please contact us.

Custom Tin FAQs

At TinWerks we specialize in custom tins and are happy to discuss your project at anytime but take a look at the following FAQ's to learn more.

How much is a custom tin?

We do not know until we know your specifications. Give us a call or email and we can quickly determine your needs and we can go from there. We can get you pricing very quickly if you have a good idea of what you want.

Do you stock pre-printed tins?

Yes, please refer to our Stock Tin page to learn more.

How many do I need to purchase to get my own custom tin?

Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 2500 tins.

Can I do my own unique shape?

Yes! We have over 3000 existing shapes but if you want your own unique tin we can do that. If the quantity is below 25,000 you will generally see a tooling price that ranges from $1500 - $3000. For quantities above 25,000 we will work with you to absorb a great deal of the tooling cost if not all.

Do you paint your tins?

No. We print our tins using metal lithography which means we print our tins in the flat prior to production. You have unlimited printing and decorating options to a tin using this technique.

Can I request samples of the tins I see on your website?

Yes. Or if you have a particular shape/style you are looking for let us know and we are always happy to put samples in our future clients' hands.

Can I emboss a tin? How much is that?

Yes. Embossing adds a one time emboss charge that can range from $500 and up on average. The emboss cost is dependent on the tin and the actual artwork.

Where do you produce your tins? Where do you ship to?

All our stock and custom tins are produced at our factory in Dongguan, China. Most of our tins are brought to our warehouse in Santa Fe Springs, CA where our clients arrange pick up or we handle final delivery. However, we can ship tins anywhere in the World, and currently have many clients in Canada, Europe, Mexico, Central America, and South America.

What is your average production run?

Our average production runs are around 15,000 - 20,000. However, we run many lower quantity tin projects each year and just as many that are 100,000+ tins.

Are your tins FDA approved?

Yes. Ask us for current documentation of this and we will send it to you right away.

How do we start the process of doing our own custom tins?

Send us an email and we will follow up with you right away. We will first put samples and images in your hands to help build to your ideal package and then we will get you a proposal. We pride ourselves on quickly responding to you and getting you closer to your tin so call today!


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